Jane vs. Mila FD2059 | 31:04

Pins to submission only.

2129 days ago
Jane vs. Tanima FD2040 | 22:35

Pins to submission only.

2143 days ago
Kamelia vs. Tanima FD2013 | 24:14

Pins to submission only.

2164 days ago
Jane vs. Nicky FD2001 | 22:10

Pins to submission only.

2171 days ago
Katharina vs. Tanima FD1992 | 22:33

Pins to submission only.

2178 days ago
Kamelia vs. Sharon FD1982 | 22:04

Pins to submission only. One sided match.

2185 days ago
Anni vs. Nicky FD1807 | 22:20

Semi-competitive nude wrestling.

2311 days ago
Jane vs. Tanima FD1805 | 23:37
2311 days ago
Jane vs. Nicky FD1705 | 23:24

Rules for Jane: pins counting to 10 only. Rules for Nicky: pins counting to 5 only and submission.

2381 days ago
Sharon vs. Tanima FD1617 | 22:50

Pins to submission only.

2444 days ago
Isabel vs. Sharon FD1605 | 25:46

Pins to submission and submission, semi competitive.

2450 days ago
Eva vs. Mel FD1602 | 22:00

After a long time both girls struggling in catfight.

2453 days ago
Jane vs. Tanima FD1596 | 23:32

Pins to submission only.

2458 days ago
Mel vs. Pamela FD1560 | 23:06

Pamela again after a long time struggling for FD. With Mel she had not wrestling for almost a year.

2481 days ago
Jane vs. Susie FD1557 | 23:59

Pins to submission, body slapping.

2486 days ago
Crystl vs. Jane FD1528 | 34:11

24 minutes submission only on breastsmothers and grapevine with bodyslapping, competitive. Last 6 minutes erotic domination with schoolgirlpins.

2507 days ago
Edita vs. Vladka FD1479 | 22:17

Semicompetitive nude oil wrestling with bodyslapping, no scissors.

2549 days ago
Margot vs. Mila FD1469 | 27:37

The match between a brand new Margot and a little more experienced Mila.

2556 days ago
Eva vs. Vladka FD1453 | 30:31

It is seen that Eve has high form. She makes Vladka her favorite chinpull and Vladka makes Eva very hard but sexy facesitting.

2565 days ago
Romi & Tanima & Jane FD1425 | 23:39

Jane wrestles against Tanima and Romi. Jane rivals exchanged after every submission. This erotic but full competitive fight is pins to 5 only with slapping.

2591 days ago
Mariella vs. Mira FD1393 | 24:29

Mira is Slovak and Mariella Czech, so the rivalry of two neighbor state. Mira says that she wanted to try her first catfight.

2614 days ago
Salma vs. Susie FD1379 | 23:48

Girls after another squirting oil, follow the match pins to 10 with slapping only, this match is very erotic, with trash talk.

2626 days ago
Luna vs. Tania FD1346 | 30:55

Nude semicompetitive wrestling, pins to 10 only.

2648 days ago
Janette vs. Sharon FD1326 | 28:10

Semi competitive submission only nude wrestling.

2662 days ago
Katharina vs. Susie FD1300 | 20:06

Pins to submission only. Semi competitive.

2682 days ago
Edita vs. Isabel FD1285 | 27:30

Semi competitive catfight. Balanced fight and result.

2690 days ago
Jane vs. Denny FD1278 | 20:54

Pins to submission and submission.

2696 days ago
Isabel vs. Luna FD1277 | 32:17

Semi competitive wrestling, pins to submission only and no scissors.

2696 days ago
Jane vs. Marina FD1232 | 22:36

Marina wants to try her first match in oil and asks Jane. She agrees, but promises her that she has no mercy to anyone, and that her hard to beat.

2726 days ago
Marina vs. Teresia FD1227 | 18:53

In the initial question of who will win this match, both girls confidently answer, me. This match is very erotic, but 100% real.

2732 days ago