Anastasia vs. Donna FD2038 | 19:17

Anastasia and Donna face each other on the mat. Anastasia is very confident and offers Donna to define the rules for the fight.

2209 days ago
Anastasia vs. Loredana FD2025 | 24:27
2217 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD2019 | 45:44

Both girls struggling without breaks, after each submition girl what she did point, she makes a opponents for 5 seconds facesitting or breastsmothers then both continue the match. Balanced fight and result.

2224 days ago
Anastasia vs. Zamira FD1996 | 14:14

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2238 days ago
Anastasia vs. Andy FD1989 | 22:34

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2244 days ago
Andy vs. Isabel FD1981 | 25:33

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive.

2250 days ago
Beata vs. Doris FD1980 | 24:07

Submission only.

2251 days ago
Anastasia vs. Donna FD1978 | 19:09

Anastasia and Donna meet for a naked catfight. Some trash talk before the match shows there is some bad temper.

2252 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD1974 | 24:10

A long time rivalry goes on between Kim-Ly and Vladka, as the preview interviews clearly proves.

2252 days ago
Alice vs. Isabel FD1967 | 21:18

Isabel and Alice are both strong, muscular girls. They fix the rules for their topless fight: Pincounts to 10, and only headscissors.

2259 days ago
Anastasia vs. Beata FD1966 | 18:57

They never fought before, Anastasia is much more experienced and tells Beata that she will beat her.

2259 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly part no. 1 FD1959 | 24:19

In the first part fighting the girls in catfight, submission only and second part in facesitpins and headscissors only.

2265 days ago
Luna vs. Mary-Ann FD1945 | 20:52

Pins counting to 5 and submission. Fighting Dolls October Event 2016.

2273 days ago
Anastasia vs. Eva FD1943 | 17:36

Submission only.

2273 days ago
Andy vs. Mary-Ann FD1929 | 26:00
2287 days ago
Eli vs. Eva FD1925 | 13:28

Pins to submission only.

2292 days ago
Anastasia vs. Mariella FD1921 | 18:30

Pins to submission only.

2294 days ago
Alice vs. Anastasia FD1917 | 22:16

Since Alice debuted at Figting Dolls, she gained a lot of fans. This time she faces Anastasia, a long time FD fighter.

2297 days ago
Donna vs. Zamira FD1912 | 22:20

Pins to submission and submission, no bodyscissors.

2301 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Mariella FD1893 | 20:56

The rules for Mary-Ann: pins to submission and submission, no scissors. The rules for Mariella: pins to submission and submission.

2314 days ago
Donna vs. Loredana FD1883 | 22:00

Pins counting to 10 and submission.

2321 days ago
Anastasia vs. Chiara FD1876 | 17:47

Pins counting to 5 and submission. Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2016.

2327 days ago
Bonie vs. Mila FD1866 | 21:31

Pins counting to 10 and submission.

2334 days ago
Kamelia vs. Tanima FD1863 | 23:38

Pins to submission only.

2335 days ago
Beata vs. Eva FD1841 | 23:16

The rules for Eva: pins to submission only. The rules for Beata: pins to 10 and submission.

2350 days ago
Andy vs. Eva FD1836 | 20:42

Pins to submission and submission. Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2016. Balanced fight and result.

2353 days ago
Anastasia vs. Donna FD1831 | 20:19

Pins to submission only.

2357 days ago
Eva vs. Emanuela & Edita FD1825 | 29:30

Eva alternately struggling against Emanuela and Edita. One girl is outside the mat and slapping the hand exchanges with other.

2360 days ago
Vera vs. Zamira FD1817 | 22:01

Pins counting to 10 and submission, no bodyscissors.

2367 days ago
Bonie vs. Tanima FD1815 | 21:49

Pins counting to 5 and submission.

2367 days ago