5'9"(178 cm)

147 lbs (67 kg)

Fighting styles
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

Carmen's Videos

Carmen vs. Isabel FD1457 | 21:35

This is a very wild match between two girls who do not want to lose. Carmen has bigger muscles, because she goes to the gym, but as you'll see it's not decisive.

2627 days ago
Carmen vs. Edita FD1337 | 24:24

Pins to submission and submission.

2718 days ago
Carmen vs. Isabel FD1288 | 20:05

Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2015.

2753 days ago
Carmen vs. Isabel FD1219 | 24:36

Submission and pins to submission.

2802 days ago
Carmen vs. Luna FD1185 | 24:19

This match starts armwrestling that clearly wins Carmen, but who will win the match? The rules are breastsmothers and schoolgirlpin to submission or counting to 5.

2825 days ago
Carmen vs. Salma FD1178 | 25:30

In the last match of both opponents, which was a catfight, both girls had an argument, because Salma pulled brutally Carmen's hair.

2832 days ago
Andy vs. Carmen FD1125 | 18:26
2867 days ago
Carmen vs. Peggy FD1118 | 23:18
2874 days ago
Carmen vs. Eva FD0963 | 18:29

Fighting dolls October Event 2014. This is a very aggressive and quick fight. Carmen is much heavier and stronger than Eva, but she has much more experience.

2993 days ago
Carmen vs. Emanuela FD0933 | 20:23
3027 days ago
Carmen vs. Donna FD0918 | 20:33
3042 days ago
Denny vs. Carmen FD0889 | 23:30

Denny meets much bigger and stronger Carmen in the garden and provokes her to match. Denny is very combative and aggressive and from the first moment is clear that will not be easy for Carmen.

3070 days ago
Carmen vs. Salma FD0874 | 21:52

The fight starts with armwrestling. Salma wants to provoke Carmen and constantly pulling her hair. The first point to reach Salma on breastsmother.

3084 days ago
Peggy vs. Carmen FD0866 | 20:18
3091 days ago
Eva vs. Carmen FD0864 | 20:54
3097 days ago
Carmen vs. Crystl FD0846 | 20:18

This is the second fight of very strong and talented Carmen. Crystl is about 10 kg lighter, but more experienced. Carmen uses her weight and trying to do bodypress breast to breast and bodyscissors.

3112 days ago
Edita vs. Carmen FD0830 | 22:18
3133 days ago