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Adela | 22

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic

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Amanda | 29

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Adela vs. Amanda
Adela vs. Amanda
Adela vs. Amanda
Adela vs. Amanda
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2023-01-20 14:43:11
New girl Amanda is confident and excited before her first match at FD. Adele is smaller and as she says in the interview more agile. Amanda shows determination and fights with natural instinct. At one point Amanda gets close to pulling hair. Good facial expressions and SGP's. Glad Amanda enjoyed and is looking forward to future matches.

2023-01-20 14:10:31
Adela is much lesser heavy than the new girl Amanda, but she is very agile, and technical. This is the reason why Amanda could not score points when reached the SGP submission position. The new girl is lacking ability, but she could reasonably obtain more if trained appropriately. I appreciated her debut and I will follow her if she will compete again for FD. She demonstrated a great attitude to sport confrontation and she is physically interesting. The final submission from Adela was great and very sexy as already quoted by the other commentators. I hope we could appreciate Amanda more in the future.

2023-01-20 12:18:57
Zwei hübsche Mädels die sich den SGP geben kommt immer gut an. Besonders im ersten Teil entspinnt sich ein sehr ehrgeiziger Kampf bei dem es Amanda immer wieder schafft Adele in den SGP zu bekommen, sie kann die quirlige Adela allerdings nicht fixieren. Adela schlägt sich gegen die größere und 10kg schwerere Amanda wirklich erstaunlich gut. Am Ende sieht man eine Siegerin die sichtlich stolz über der Besiegten Gegnerin posiert, der scheint das aber wenig auszumachen, am Ende sieht man nur zufriedene Gesichter. Die beiden passen sehr gut zusammen.

2023-01-20 12:00:14
I have absolutely no expertise to assess the quality of wrestlingskills of both girls. But it seems clear to me that the new girl Amanda has a lot to learn yet. But if she does and if she would also work on her endurance, she could become a strong wrestler I suppose. And she is a nice girl too, nice interview. Having said al this it should be made clear that I liked this match very mucht, two sexy girls, and the final part is completely nude. Not a very brutal match, but nevertheless as the match progresses, the animosity between the girls increases in a stimulating way. Adela liked to challenge her opponent verbally in a mocking style. Amanda could take it. Nice conversation about whose tits are better. Adela likes to give her opponent long staring looks, Amanda likes that less. in The final facesitting is a bit too short to my taste but yet very sexy. A match with a clear winner.