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Amy | 22

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Malia | 19

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Rating: 5/5 (21 votes)

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Movie Description

Sister's catfight. Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Amy vs. Malia
Amy vs. Malia
Amy vs. Malia
Amy vs. Malia
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Amy vs. Malia Comments | 11

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2022-11-12 08:32:13
i love amys face when malia sits on her and pulls her hair. so sexy ! these catfights are the reason i fxxxing love fighting dolls !!!!!

2022-07-02 16:59:10
This match was sooo hot! Very competitive and great hairpulling! These two need to meet in a rematch with face slapping catfight now! Rematch!

2022-06-16 21:34:20
Two great and sexy bodies, an intense hot fight. 5 stars and nothing more to say!

2022-06-14 18:56:31
Very intense catfight with some strong hairpulling. These sisters definitely don't hold back. Deserves a rematch to settle who the better woman is.

2022-06-13 19:26:28
First, thanks Keram for sponsoring it. It's a really authentic catfight. Great hairpulling and action on all counts. Could not ask for more from either woman! I don't like to see participants hurt or in distress, but in a real fight that's what happens sometimes. Hoping for a rematch perhaps with some slapping as well! Congratulations Malia and Amy for a great match.

2022-06-13 17:41:40
Lothar LOVES this fight!! Great, and accurate comments below... it really all comes down to what taste as it pertains to a fight or match. For those who like an authentic battle, brawl, catfight... this one hits the mark! 5+ stars!!

2022-06-13 13:55:02
This was a highly anticipated fight between two sisters who are growing to be new stars of the FD. Both are athletic and strong. I think Amy has a small edge in technical skills due to being a bit more experienced. I also think she’s a bit stronger. Malia, on the other hand, is psychologically tougher and generally more aggressive / combatant.

It’s a special fight as the two sister seem to love each other, but on the other hand it looks like they have an underground rivalry, at least about specific things. Perhaps past events. The battle itself was extremely tough without any hatred. Screaming, cursing, whining etc were absent – thank god. But both girls went 101% against each other. In my opinion the catfight rules mutilated the fight. They made it much more static than what it was supposed to be. For newcomers, the two sisters posses good knowledge of fighting and are quite mobile. They are creative during wrestling. The hair pulling made it too difficult for both of them. They would often do a nice move, but oops…..your hair is trapped. It’s a pity this wasn’t a normal fight. It’s amazing how many good attempts were nullified because of the extensive hair pulling.

I have to specifically comment Malia’s durability. I don’t know what would stop her from finishing a fight. She’s like a machine. No matter how bad she’s been hit, she just keeps going as if nothing has happened. That’s a tremendous weapon in her arsenal. I’ll dare to say this: if she keeps improving her technical knowledge and gets a bit stronger, she will become one of the top wrestlers of ALL time.
In any case, they’re both ready to start fighting stronger opponents than what they’ve been fighting until now.

I also very much agree with what the other people said here about the nails extensions. They’re not well suited for such situations. A natural look is better.

All in all it was a special fight. I can’t characterizer it with one word. But it’s worth having it, especially for the fans of the two sisters.

2022-06-13 13:51:53
Also, thanks Keram for sponsoring it.

2022-06-13 12:53:31
I don't like what Siggi writes, a lot of techniques in which girls lose their naturalness and the match becomes unattractive.I sponsored this match and I didn't want any techniques just to make the match real, unstaged natural and it worked out what you think?

2022-06-13 12:34:42
An even catfight by two well matched sisters. Very balanced. From the pre match interview it is clear that the catfight would be with limited rules. Very hard hair pulling.
Amy loses several nail extensions. As Siggi said in previous comment. Sometimes the nail extensions not ideal. In rough catfights the natural finger nails can last longer.
Each match is different and they do look impressive the extensions. Well done to both sisters!

2022-06-13 12:10:10
Dieser Kampf war nicht nur hart für die beiden Girls sondern er ist es auch für alle Fans die in Amy eine neue FD Queen gesehen haben. Man sieht einen Marathon im Haare ziehen und am Ende ein Häufchen Unglück. Amy sollte vielleicht einmal darüber nachdenken ob solche Fingernägel das Richtige für Kämpfe sind. Für Amy passen glaube ich erst einmal leichtere Gegnerinnen und Kämpfen in denen sie ihre Technik verbessern kann, denn beim Haare ziehen lernt man ehr nichts.