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Amy | 22

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Talia | 23

Height: 5'9" (178 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic

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Rating: 4,9/5 (14 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission. Balanced fight and result.

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Amy vs. Talia
Amy vs. Talia
Amy vs. Talia
Amy vs. Talia
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Amy vs. Talia Comments | 8

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2022-09-11 20:08:49
Not much more to say about this contest. Talia is a wonderful addition to FD. She does a great job against Amy who is a difficult opponent. Lots of good wrestling with a bit of hair pulling and a scratch or two, but otherwise a great match. Amy seems to have difficulty breathing here and in some other matches. Is this a problem going forward for her? Hopefully not! Also Talia makes the interesting comment: “IT’S ABOUT MONEY SO THEY DO THEIR BEST.” This is the first time This is the first time I have seen money mentioned at FD except privately concerning sponsorships. I wonder… Hopefully Talia’s financial needs will be satisfied. It would be a shame to lose her to FD. She is great!

2022-09-11 13:54:12
Ja Zel Amy hat inzwischen in der Tat dazu gelernt. Einige ihrer Beinscheren sahen richtig gut aus. Was sie aber oft vergisst, auch ihre Arme einzusetzen um ihre Kontrahentin besser zu fixieren. Den zunächst gut angesetzten Camel Clutch hat sie halbherzig abgebrochen und vor allem ihre letzte Beinschere, die wirklich perfekt ausgeführt war, da hat sie ohne Grund den Kopf ihrer Gegnerin wieder frei gegeben, so dass die sich befreien konnte. In diesem Kampf hat diejenige gewonnen die ihre Aktionen konsequenter durchgesetzt hat technisch waren beide auf dem gleichen Level. Seinen Griff lockert man wenn die Gegnerin abklopft oder sich befreien kann und nicht wenn die zu stöhnen beginnt. Hier muss Amy noch lernen wie eine Kämpferin zu denken. Aber ja, diesmal hat sie mir gut gefallen.

2022-09-11 04:56:12
Siggi, I watched very closely and in my opinion amy didn't give up chances, She just has a weakness in locking her scissors. she would have won it, with some training she can improve a lot. I pointed out this in my first review in her first fight, and it is still a huge roadblock for her.

2022-09-10 09:11:49
Savage and hot fght..5 stars!!

2022-09-10 07:19:33
Talia vs Amy is going to be the next big rivalry starting to emerge after Andy vs Kimly.Hope they both continue to wrestle and provide
exciting action in years to come.Looking forward to more wrestling matches between them.

2022-09-09 23:04:58
Talia zuzusehen macht immer mehr Spaß, sie bewegt sich ausgesprochen geschickt und bevorzugt zu meiner Freude den SGP. Diese Pose steht ihr auch optisch sehr gut. Im Gegensatz zu Amy hält sie ihre Griffe meist bis zur Entscheidung. Amy hatte hier durchaus gute Chancen, gibt aber immer wieder für sie vorteilhafte Positionen ohne ersichtlichen Grund auf.

2022-09-09 19:41:02

For all Amy's hard efforts, she couldn't submit (except ones) Talia
Talia showed incredible skill and strength in fending off Amy's attacks and subsequently attacking her.
Amy was left in tears and deep humiliation, but also respect, because Talia was very classy and respectful, and even allowed Amy ones to catch her breath when she didn't need to (it's interesting how Talia even noticed it) but Talia also talked a lot and showed us her sweet character.
I am so thankful for the FD staff for continuing in finding and producing such great content.

2022-09-09 19:34:33
For all Amy and Talia fans, go get this in High quality.
Talia is put up against strong Amy, and its a technical grappling master piece.
I can see this satisfying fans of evenly matched fights, and fans of one sided, because someone clearly wins this one.
The emotions of Amy is so beautiful and real.
The classiness and niceness of Talia is well displayed, along with her spicy character
The camera Lady did an unbelievable job, in capturing the grappling and BEAUTY of these 2 supermodels.