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Anastasia | 36

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Mixed, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Pamela | 39

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Movie Description

Fighting dolls October Event 2011.

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Anastasia vs. Pamela
Anastasia vs. Pamela
Anastasia vs. Pamela
Anastasia vs. Pamela
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2014-01-26 23:42:59
Brilliant fight in which Anastasia impressively employs breast and crotch smothers, together with some fierce scissor holds, to subdue her opponent.

2013-09-23 04:12:08
Good Catfight

Anastasia has had many good fights, and this was one of them. She looked great and fought very impressively.

Submissions: 1 body-scissor, 3 head-scissors, 3 school girl submissions, 2 hair pulls, 1 breast-smother