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Crystl | 31

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Mixed, Topless

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Crystl cz CZ

Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Rating: 4,9/5 (15 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins counting to 10 and submission.

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Crystl vs. Pablo
Crystl vs. Pablo
Crystl vs. Pablo
Crystl vs. Pablo
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Crystl vs. Pablo Comments | 13

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2021-10-20 13:42:20
The Crystal is too dirty. Love it. She always takes advantage of the situation. Even when she is being far superior, she harasses her opponent in a dishonest way. Pablo is desperate at the end of this fight. She constantly chokes him with her tits even though he has given up. She ends up crying. Very weak for Crystal.

2021-10-20 01:36:45
The Crystal is too dirty. Love it. She always takes advantage of the situation. Even when she is being far superior, she harasses her opponent in a dishonest way. Pablo is desperate at the end of this fight. She constantly chokes him with her tits even though he has given up. She ends up crying. Very weak for Crystal.

2020-11-15 14:07:31
Great match, not one sided as one could think, in fact Pablo really gives tit for tat to Crystl and fights very hard. On the other hand Crystl, a super gorgeous gal with an incredible feisty and ruthless attitude. She just doesn't go for the win but she really aims to bully and brutalize her opponents.
I agree with Mixedfan, an arm wrestling would have been the icing on the cake here, but I really think Pablo was totally gassed after the match, maybe FD spared him a likely humiliation.

2020-07-13 03:10:17
Sorry typo: "But why Pablo didnt pull Crystl's hair like she did to him"

2020-07-13 03:08:36
Very good match! But why Pablo didnt pull Crystl's like she did to him? Was he allowed to do so? Also, why there is no arm wrestling? Dont get me wrong, it was a great match with 5 stars rating!

2020-07-08 08:12:26
Great performance from Crystl

2020-07-04 16:41:39
Oh my gosh, in some ways that was the best mixed match that I have ever seen anywhere. Great interviews and camerawork from Mel before, during and after the match. Thank you so much Mel.
I wasn't really a fan of Crystl before this match. I am now. How do they get these nice-spoken attractive young women to turn into brutal, dominating, sadistic bullies? Wow, Crystl put on a show.
Pablo came in looking stronger than ever. He was able to keep Crystl trapped underneath early on and to pin her and submit her. He got really angry and competed with great energy when Crystl brutalized him and would not let him go after a submission. I almost do not want to spoil what went on in the rest of the match in this review section. Just watch the match yourself. Amazing!

2020-07-04 08:20:53
@keram... Awwwwwww how sweet! Now bring me Pablo vs Lena and we will be best buddies! Ask and see who is on the LIST for mixed match. Its time for pablo to go against someone like lena or some of the weaker girls or girls who have not done a mixed match yet. He needs to build confidence!

2020-07-04 02:38:20
This movie is awesome. The best facesit submission ever. And when Pablo tapped out, Crystl wouldnt let him up. And she follows that up with a breast smother that leaves Pablo crying. Even when he was tapping out and crying, Crystl wouldn't let up. Crystl is my new favorite in FD. Oh, and did I mention she is gorgeous?

2020-07-03 19:45:52
Mr.Mo this match is from me for you

2020-07-03 18:31:53
From start to finish, this video if the proof on why FD (and its predecessor) is the best studio on mixed wrestling. The rough action, the backstage shots, the naturality of the whole situation, the camera work and the sexiness of Crystl, this all is a mix that only FD can offer, at least in my opinion.

A lot of mixed wrestlign videos from the FD have gone to waste because they show the man dominating, which is something nobody wants to see. This is real female domination, with a woman giving a man a good beating, while the latter is trying his best to win without even coming close.

I've bought Crystl's both previous mixed videos, many years ago. This one is much better. Crystl grew up and became more attractive as well as far more skilled and strong. He has trained (or is currently training) in BJJ and this was very obvious. The FD ruleset prohibits a lot of BJJ stuff, so Crystl couldn't finish all those chokes (and some joint lock) she was setting, or else she would have scored 20 points. Despite what it looked like, she never made it dangerous for Pablo. She was very rough and almost violent on him, but due to her technical knowledge, she never put him into danger. I applaud her, an excellent performance, and I say this as someone who' into mixed wrestling for 13 years, having watched thousands of videos. I'm waiting to see her against the big guys. She showed she can do it.

I hope Pablo will keep shooting videos after this one. It wasn't an easy experience and not a lot of guys would accept showing their face to the camera while getting beaten so bad by a girl. He also put a great performance, this is something that must be acklowledged. I hope I'll see more "smaller" guys like him in the future.

All in all, the video is a perfect 10, I literally can't find a negative point and I'm inot this for more than ten years. Congratulations to everyone who took part into making it.

2020-07-03 15:13:38
OMG!!! Seriously? I'm absolutely speechless and still in shock! Crystl beat the shit out of Pablo and made him cry, I knew she was the favorite of match but I wasn't expect that, What an amazing What an adorable performance is this Crystl!!! Just Wow. Actually Pablo started the match with good pin strategies and it worked some time into the match but this made Crystl very angry. And she became unstoppable after these points. Firstly she scared him then depressed him and lastly she destroyed him with her great condition, technique, intelligence, confidence, strength and willlpower. She made him helpless and weaker as time goes on. She is absolutely too much for him. He must work very very hard to face her once again, to be her real rival. So Pablo's win desire didn't work here, he couldn't use his energy well and he was tired very early so this was a huge mistake for Pablo against an opponent like her. After that Crystl started to make some show for mixed fans :) The match must be in every mixed fans collection. This is like a MASTERPIECE for mixed category in my opinion. I highly recommend it...

2020-07-03 10:16:39
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This was well worth the denars! This was a very sexy match by crystl! I have to give ALOT of credit to pablo in this one, he looks like he has gotten ALOT stronger and hes gained ALOT of weight as well. It doesnt look like fat, it looks like hes been in the GYM. Pablo got the 1st score and suprised crystl because everyone knows pablo is the worst male fighter. However, as usual with pablos matches, he starts out firing, then the more experienced ladies such as crystl, seem to adjust to him. Crystl is very very cocky, and VERY insidious which makes very dominant. Crystl not only made her adjustments, she just WORE PABLO OUT. He came out firing, but it was almost as if crystyl was allowing him to get himself tired first, and then pound him, and thats exactly what she did. Not only did come back in this match, she literally made pablo scream like a little boy and she literally enjoyed it, which is kinda sexy lol. She enjoys dominating and hates not having control. I have NEVER seen a man in FD literally cry in a wrestling match in fighting dolls. NEVER. She literally tortured him like a henchwomen in a movie and she enjoyed every second of it once she figured it out.

I highly recommend this match for anyone interested in watching a competitve match, but also the improvements of pablo. He is showing the commitment in the weight room, his EFFORT in matches has really improved since he first started, he still doesnt know how to fight yet. He still doesnt know how to finish holds, use his legs, or any type of scissors combo. Hes learning, hes getting better, but he got his ass whooped by crystl who i have never seen win a mixed match before.

Eventhough pablo is improving alot, i think its time for him to go against some of the new girls, or girls who have not done a mixed match yet that might be willing to? I have said it before many times, so i will continue to try my luck, i think Pablo vs Lena would be a GREAT match that i would buy denars for. 1. Lena has never been in a mixed match. 2. She is really improving, just like pablo. 3. She is very VERY insidious just like crystl, but not nearly as strong or experienced as crystl. I hope FD makes this happen if lena is willing to try. Great match here though! 5 stars from me!