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Hans | 21

Height: 5'9"(178 cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Kemala | 23

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed, Topless

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Rating: 4,8/5 (9 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission.

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Hans vs. Kemala
Hans vs. Kemala
Hans vs. Kemala
Hans vs. Kemala
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Hans vs. Kemala Comments | 9

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2022-09-13 17:57:29
I love this fight. Kemala is small, sweet and shy. At first, she is losing, but then she turns the fight around and beats and humiliates Hans 5-3. She loves hairpulls, and so do I. I would have liked that she had slapped Hans, once he lay defeated on the ground, to finish humiliating him.

2022-09-04 23:36:31
Mr Mo, I counted around 30 matches for Hans, but the exact number of his matches is 27.
The seven new girls are Kemala, Marlen, Kleopatra, Zina, Kalin, Loris and Ganet.
Zina, Kalin and Loris were defeated and the other four were victorious. Ganet had her debut vs Hans teaming with Marlen in a 2 vs 1 match and did very well, dominating and scoring against the guy, without being pinned or submitted by him.

2022-09-04 12:18:09
WOW WOW WOW! First of all, I agree with most of the comments down below! Great match, full of energy, very evenly matched. Hans toughness , resilience and leg scissors VS kemalas endurance, breast smothers and determination. Hans was the HEAVY favorite goin into the match for sure! He starts off strong going up 2-0 having u think that this could get ugly... But then, the cute kemala calmly made adjustments and figured out Hans could not handle her breast smothers. That ended up surprising Hans and kinda wore him down at the same time. After being down 0-2 kemala won 5-3. Once she figured out his weakness she dominated his ass.

In my opinion this was a HUGE upset win. Her first mixed match. Size difference and goin into the match kemala seemed kinda nervous. As the match went on her quiet confidence grew more n more and she taught hans a valuable lesson in never underestimate your opponent! @Serj.... Which 7 new girls are u talking about? Also, hans has had 30 fights? I don't see 30 on her or are you including another website?

Overall very good match! Huge upset! Big time win for kemala! Would love to see hans and pablo go against ganet, bonie, Julia, anna maria and some of the newer girls! It's a shame that lena doesn't do mixed matches!

2022-09-04 11:38:41
FD introduced lately seven new girls in the mixed circuit, not all of them being among the best in the female team, on the contrary. Three of them lost to male opponents in their first matches, but four of these female rookies did well and defeated the guys. This Kemala vs Hans match is one of these upsets in which the girl manages somehow to win in her mixed debut. But Kemala had already over sixty matches vs females while Hans had thirty matches vs girls, mostly losses. So somehow she was expected to win, but Hans did well, keeping the score tight and fighting for a win by pin near the end. But Kemala had better stamina and finished strong, pinning and submitting a moaning and agonising Hans. At the end he said that Kemala was a brave opponent and that he is not ashamed by losing to her.

2022-09-04 02:00:18
What a great match! Kemala is exciting in mixed fights! Hope to see her wrestling against more men in the future.

2022-09-04 01:34:13
Kamela was exceptionally attractive in her first mixed matches and hans being a cute guy but strong on the same hand. Both players were pretty and did not want to lose. It was a balanced match overall.

2022-09-03 18:05:40
This was a close hard fought match. Kamala gave Hans all he could handle and I think her strength surprised him. He seemed to have no answer when she got on top and was able to do breast smothers. She is very competitive as there were a few times when it looked like she couldn't get out of Han's scissors but she refused to submit. I love to see these newer girls wrestle as they can win even though not as experienced as their opponent. Kamala is sexy too.

2022-09-03 15:53:47
“I’ll pull her hair if she pulls mine.”
*proceeds to pull her hair once*

Joke aside, this was a great introductory mixed match for Kemala. After losing the opening point between herself and her rival, she found a key to victory and 3/4ths into the match the score is tied up at 3-3. The storyline of her becoming comfortable and eventually matching her opponent was really well done and Hans made for a great first opponent for her. I feel his intensity and pain tolerance adjusts to his opponents however, as there’s a Hans I’ve seen that could get out of some of the holds he got caught in, but I think he’s a really safe worker and always performs well with his opponents while putting on a great show. Kemala was amazing as well and the two meshed really well together, beginning each round, approaching eachother face to face like two friendly rivals measuring one another up before the fight. Not to mention some really intense eye contact after certain falls (as two opponents would). Despite her size, Kemala does not back down from her opponent and the two are highly vocal as they vie against one another for points making for an energetic and even matchup.

A recommendation if you’re not trying to do a straight up domination match while still wanting to see the lovely Kamala work in some awesome holds!

2022-09-03 13:34:02
This match exceeded my expectations
Kemala is a great addition to mixed wrestling
Aggressive competitive and evenly match
Energetic fights
Hope to see more mixed matches for kemala