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Julia | 18

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Mixed, Topless

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Talia | 23

Height: 5'9" (178 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic

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Rating: 5/5 (7 votes)

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Movie Description

Pins and submission. Balanced fight and result.

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Julia vs. Talia
Julia vs. Talia
Julia vs. Talia
Julia vs. Talia
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2022-12-07 22:25:52
As mentioned by another reviewer this was an excellent & close match between the 2 when one sustained an injury. Talia is one of my favorites among the newer group & besides being tall, blond & very pretty has lovely feet. When the injured lady heals completely, I think a rematch would be very, very interesting !

2022-12-03 16:56:38
This looked to be an excellent wrestling match until one of the women is hurt. If anyone doubted the reality of these matches this should alleviate some of those doubts. When the injured woman moans “F**K HELP ME” we know she is really hurt. Wishing a speedy recovery and quick return. She adds a wonderful presence to FD.

2022-12-02 22:40:30
Die große braungebrannte Blondine gegen die kleine blasse Rothaarige. Am Anfang sieht es auch so aus, als würde Talia ihrer kleinere und leichtere Gegnerin total fertig machen. Doch dann holt Julia auf, bis eine von beiden eine so harte Beinschere ansetzt, dass die Gegnerin verletzt aufgeben muss. Schade, dass es hier keine klare Entscheidung gibt, aber ich denke es kommt noch ein Revance-Kampf zwischen den beiden.

2022-12-02 16:58:22
This is an amazing match, unfortunately cut short by injury. Julia is a phenomenon, small but lightning fast, powerful and fearless. Here she matches up to her biggest test to date so far in Talia, Though a relative newcomer, Talia has shown herself to be a powerful and aggressive wrestler with a high pain threshold. Both girls are beautiful, Talia tall and blond, Julia small and dark. Talia, who has proved to be a handful even for experienced, strong wrestlers like Lenora, struggles with Julia's aggression and speed. The small girl appears to have no reverse gear! Great matchup, great wrestling. 10/10