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Lenora | 26

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed

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Malia | 19

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Rating: 4,9/5 (18 votes)

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Movie Description

Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Lenora vs. Malia
Lenora vs. Malia
Lenora vs. Malia
Lenora vs. Malia
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Lenora vs. Malia Comments | 9

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2022-09-26 20:07:52
Great fight. When Malia gets more experience and and a bit more aggressive than nice then Lenora can get really trouble with Malia. ;-)

2022-09-10 08:19:48
Mel is awesome as she talks to them on the bed about their fights. Malia is like the good girl who doesn't start anything, but also doesn't back down, and Lenora is like the nasty bully who fights mean, without hesitation, and scores some cheap holds by attacking when her opponent is not ready. And Mel is like the mutual friend who enjoys setting up their bitchy competition and seeing them fight. Like a lot of people, I like a good catfight in the tight confines of a bedroom, so I don't care much for eskay's comments about the manoeuvrability of the camera person or desire to see an open space. Although, since Fighting Doll's core business is filming, I still cannot understand why they still have no budget for a gimbal to get rid of all the camera shakes... Also, the editing is a bit annoying as it cuts out while they are scrapping on the bed without any explanation. It's still a fantastic bedroom bitchfight though - highly recommended!

2022-09-05 03:44:09
WOW!! This was a great catfight! Very emotional and brutal, with some face slapping and hard hair pulling. Highly recommend. Malia is a very tough girl and I hope to see her in more catfights for sure!

2022-09-03 01:08:06
Intense, emotional and brutal. Lenora is a beast and Malia doesn’t give up. Such a tough lady even when hopelessly trapped. A rematch is needed, on the large gym mat and maybe until a verbal submission of the whole match.

2022-09-02 21:53:07
The filming of such interactions in a confined space does not permit the video operator much freedom of movement nor for even lighting of the action. Let's go back to what FD usually produces, in a ring or on a mat which allows for movement and a greater opportunity for the combatants to show their skills. Both lovely ladies with a desire to win. Larger space, a better competition ! Love them both.

2022-09-02 18:34:24
This is special for me. Why? Two great looking ladies. Long hair ready for pulling. Shapely strong thighs ready to lock onto their rival. Plus Mel goading them towards each other. Which worked. Lenora and Malia got wound up and both wanted to destroy each other. To me the final piece is the location. Small bed in a small room both wearing normal clothes. To me it felt very real like you would see in real life. To stirred something in me. Weird because I have 100s of FD matches but this one stirred feelings deep inside that made me realise watching women fight made me excited as a boy. Bravo

2022-09-02 13:55:31
Brutal catfight in the typical Lenora fashion. Even though Lenora had an edge for most of the fight, it was nonetheless pretty balanced until Malia failed to tap properly to a chocking headscissor, which put her into danger, resulting in Lenora going mad and proceeding to "kill" her, as she said herself. It was funny because it was like "I don't wanna kill you and go to jail, so to punish you I'm gonna kill you".

Malia's performance was top notch against one of the best and most brutal wrestlers of the FD. She's already one of the best after just 3 months. But for her own safety, she has to learn to tap the right way. She failed to do so twice.

Not much to say about Lenora that hasn't been said, to me she's the Star of the stars, one of the best in the studio's 20+ years history.

2022-09-01 22:23:04
Just a couple of thoughts. First Lenora was clearly dominate in a brutal catfight. Malia was indeed helpless (as Siggi notes) throughout most of the battle. I would like to see this kind of match on a mat and not a bed, but that's just my preference. I do respectfully disagree with Siggi about Malia's tears -- she was hurt and couldn't breath. Even the cameraman asked Lenora to break the hold. A BRUTAL beating. WOW!

2022-09-01 11:03:48
Lenora entwickelt sich immer mehr zu einer Ringerin die man auch als Fan von echten Powerfrauen ernst nehmen muss und die auch kein Problem damit hat ordentlich auszuteilen.
Die Stärkere in dieser Paarung ist eigentlich Malia, sobald ihr Lenora Bewegungsfreiheit lässt wird sie durchaus gefährlich und kann dann selbst einen SGP durchsetzen. Insofern tut Lenora gut daran ihre Gegnerin ständig in Griffen zu halten die deren Bewegungsfreiheit massiv einschränken. Absolut nichts hat Malia Lenoras Kopfscheren entgegen zu setzen, darin liegt sie jedes mal vollkommen paralysiert und schafft es offenbar nicht einmal mehr eindeutig abzuklopfen. Einen Grund für die Tränen gab es meiner Meinung nach nicht, Es beeindruckt zwar wenn eine Ringerin nicht gleich abklopft aber wenn es nötig wird muss das Zeichen auch eindeutig sein. Lenora macht keine Spaßkämpfe aber sie bleibt fair.