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Mel | 37

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Reana | 31

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Trib, Topless, Mixed

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Movie Description

Pins and submission.

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Mel vs. Reana
Mel vs. Reana
Mel vs. Reana
Mel vs. Reana
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2022-10-24 16:53:45
In diesem Kampf stehen sich zwei kampferfahrene, starke und gut durchtrainierte Frauen gegenüber. Mel ist etwas größer und älter, dafür ist Reana etwas schwerer. Der Kampf findet in einem echten Ring statt, was das ganze noch etwas aufwertet. Von Anfang an geht es sehr hart zur Sache. Den ersten Punkt erzielt Mel mit einem brutalen Griff, bei dem sie auf dem Rücken von Reana sitzt und deren Kopf weit noch oben zieht, so dass Reana mit angsterfülltem Gesicht abklopfen muss. Sofort kniet sich Mel auf ihre Gegnerin und feiert mit einem Bizepsposing ihren ersten Punkt. Mel geht es nie darum, nur zu gewinnen, sie will ihrer Gegnerin immer demütigen. Mel geht äußerst brutal vor und wirft Reana sogar aus dem Ring und packt sie sofort wieder, als diese wieder im Ring ist. Aber auch Reana kann kämpfen und die beiden rollen wild auf dem Boden und nehmen sich dabei gegenseitig in die Beinschere und in immer härtere Griffe. Aber Mel ist die schnellere und härtere Kämpferin und so gelingt ihre auch der zweite Punkt mit einem brutalen Griff. Wieder demütigt Mel ihrer Gegnerin. Dann setzt Mel sogar einen Full-Nelson an und präsentiert uns den Busen von Reana ganz toll in der Kamera, bis Reana verzweifelt abklopfen muss. Nun demütigt Mel ihre Gegnerin sogar mit ihrem Fuß im Gesicht. All das macht Reana noch wütender und so hat Mel wohl den Bogen überspannt und nun punktet Reana mit einem knallharten Breastsmother. Doch sofort baut Mel mit einer brutalen Beinschere ihren Vorsprung wieder aus. Wer gewinnt wohl am Ende diesen harten Kampf? Beide machen noch Punkte. Wer hat am Ende die Nase vorne?

2022-10-17 19:14:16
Absolutely loved the foot humiliation on this one. What a gift. It's a 9 out of 10 for me, and only because I prefer barefoot – the reason why I've only found out about this match now. Mel: you're a Queen, keep it coming!

2022-08-11 09:21:12
If you are a Mel fan, or you like her technical wrestling holds repertoire, I could also suggest a match I discovered recently (another gem): FD2673 against a Romi.
This is a mat wrestling very rich in technique, in which Mel could show even more variations of her leg shissor technique (see my comment). Another point of interest is the sponsor presence in that case, so both girl are interested to show their best in this confrontation.
Another outstanding use of similar wrestling holds but with different interpretation is the match FD1236-romi-vs-sharon-hq. You could see details in my notes. If you are interesting in this kind of fight I recommend this too, it's outstanding!

2022-08-10 10:18:12
This last fight by Mel is catfight in which a lot of technical wrestling is showed, and from the beginning Mel is provoking
Reana using seductive techniques too. The two girls are in stockings and this add value to fight presentation in my opinion.
The first phase is very fast paced and it seems Reana could gain the edge with a shissor technique to opponent body, but then
she is unable to block her hold due to excellent defensive technique by Mel. In no time Mel goes to attack with a quick headlock
and grapevine, reverse bodyshissor to the ground, to which a standing chin pull follows with the aid of the ropes.
Here is a sort of Wrestling hold enciclopedia in sequence, and applyed in a super fast and effective way.Great work by Mel!!
Then in rapid sequence Mel uses other excellent and choreographic chin pull technique while sitting on the ropes, after which Reana is
without defence.
The continuation is incredible with Mel that struggle for another technical submission with a full nelson to the mat, while contemporary
applying a blocking leg lock to reana leg. and after that a domination phase with opponent humiliation follows.
Then is Reana that obtain one submission by frontal shissor to the body, followed by a schoolgirl pin. But then again Mel is ready to attack with
some astonishing use of her favourite shissor to Reana head while blocking her free arm, followed by a face sit in which she could also humiliate
her opponent. Last submission by Mel is another personal interpretation of reverse facesit followed by reverse shissor to opponent head to which Reana
have to submit at last.
In my opinion this is a very interesting show of Mel's technical repertoire, so if you like technical and effective holds too I suggest to add this
to your personal collection! If you like the technical action here I suggest to have a look to FD3438, another Mel's gem!

2022-08-09 18:16:10
At the start of the match you see Reana getting ready in the ring. She is thinking hopefully the other girl will show up.. Then the door opens and you can see the anxious look on her face as she realises she is facing Mel. Several submissions are won with Reana settling into the match as time passes. The ring is a harsh environment for these female fights. The ropes are rigid. Mel teaches the girls well.

2022-08-09 13:03:59
Hey everyone, the opponent for Rean didn't make it, so I went to the + Rean match. In the match I felt my superiority and her apprehension or fear. But sometimes it surprised me because Reana is strong. The rule is to never underestimate your opponent. Your Mel