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Melani | 29

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Wrestling, Trib, Topless, Nude, Erotic

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Reana | 31

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Trib, Topless, Mixed

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Melani vs. Reana
Melani vs. Reana
Melani vs. Reana
Melani vs. Reana
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2022-09-21 12:40:03
Another really good catfight featuring a blond and brunette. Good trash talking at the start. I love seeing Reana smile at the start. good energy throughout the catfight and both girls fought hard to win. I love watching Reana in a catfight. She always puts a great effort and uses a good combination of quickness and a little power. Melani fought very well and looked really good in this fight. The winner deserved this win and showed who was better blonds or brunettes.

2022-08-31 11:44:49
Nice to see Melani in this fight! The match begins with a very energic hairplulling as declared by the two girls in the prematch interview.
A body scissor by Melani initiate the action to the floor, followed by interesting and affective head scissor by Reana. At 8' 50" a reciprocal hairpulling introduces
a new attack by Melani to the floor by a body scissor, but again Reana reacts well by a more effective head scissor. During this phase of the fight both girls are very determined, and defend well from opponent attack. From 12' the fight is topless. At 13'18"" Reana applies an head Scissor blocking also Melani arm, and the brunette
tries to free from that hold with a rotation maneuvre, but doing that she offers the opportunity to the opponent to block her leg also.
So the result is an outstanding head scissor with arm and leg blocked to the floor. Here Melani is nearly paralized by Reana!
At this point is Reana to take initiative with a nice armbar lock to the floor, followed by a standing chokehold, head scissor and and a face sit.
Here the action is really outstanding, showing up a nice wrestling repertoire. I hope to see other action by these two on regular mat!