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Per | 20

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Katharina | 28

Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Movie Description

Part 1: Per vs. Katharina. Part 2: Per vs. Mel. Pins to submission and submission.

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Per vs. Katharina & Mel
Per vs. Katharina & Mel
Per vs. Katharina & Mel
Per vs. Katharina & Mel
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Per vs. Katharina & Mel Comments | 3

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2018-03-30 06:49:14
Or a good male wrestler destroys few wommen would be cool, too. The ladies here are cool, not sensible, free wrestler and they have fun I see, that´s it.

2017-12-17 09:42:15
more stuff from mel in the future please also mixed with her i think mel like it if she can destroy a few mans

2017-12-16 19:24:18
I enjoyed the Katharina vs Per match until the end. Things got a little weird then. Katharina said that Per had broken her ribs with a scissor hold. There was so much mean trash talk that I'm not sure if that really happened or not.

Then Mel took her turn and she was really angry because Per had injured Katharina. I felt sorry for Per as the poor guy never wins and he sure wasn't trying to hurt anyone. The trash talking was too much for me. There is some good wrestling but other issues got in the way for me to really enjoy this video.